Truk Lagoon (2) – “Rio de Janeiro Maru”


Today we dived on the wreck of the Rio de Janeiro Maru.

The name can still be seen on the ship.


One of the photogenically speaking, “beautiful wrecks” of Truk Lagoon, is the Rio de Janeiro Maru. It lies on it’s starboard side.






The ship was built in 1930 and was a beautiful 8 deck passenger liner. She  sank on her anchorage after being struck by 2 bombs during “Operation Hailstorm” on Feb. 17, 1944.

She lies between 12m and 24m depth. The stern is still in good shape. The cargo  includes many cases with bottles, coal and coastal defence guns.







It is a 141m, 9,626 ton Naval transport ship. It was used as a submarine tender vessel by the Japanese in WW2.







It is a beautiful wreck to dive on.  Swimming along the deck passages and through the cargo holds, has an eerie feeling. The stern with it’s gun is in good shape.


The deck and superstructure is all covered with corals and millions of colourful fish all over.



The bow deck, however, is clean with very little coral life on it. The very large bow gun can also still clearly be seen.    Truly a beautiful wreck to dive on.



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