We are both professional people with a passion for diving

Our involvement in underwater -photography and -video spans over many decades, since the late 60’s. It has brought so much joy to ourselves and our kids, that it just has to be shared all around.

Training competent divers is another passion of Esmé. It does not matter which training agency you are using. What is important is that you are trained by a good instructor. We are both scuba dive instructors.

Diving/Hyperbaric Medicine has been another passion of Danie for many years. For us it is important to keep abreast with all the newest medical and physiological developments in dive safety and treatments.

We love travelling. What can be better than to combine diving with some exploring of exotic destinations. There are so many stunning dive locations all over the world. You can’t even  cover a fraction of all of them in one life-time ……..  but, we can try!!!

We organise dive trips all over the world for small groups.

In our dive shop we sell only the best. Keeping large stock is not viable nowadays, but with courier services as good as they are today, everything is only a few hours or days away. What we don’t have in stock, we will order for you.

Danie & Esmé



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