Banco Chinchorro

Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve is located in Mexico and near the Belize border. The Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve is probably one of the healthiest reefs in the world. Fewer than one thousand divers get to this remote dive site per year.  XTC divers in Xcalak was the first and only operator to organize croc encounters in Chinchorro and they are the only dive operator with an official concession. XTC is committed to sustainable tourism and conservation.

Although Banco Chinchorro is known for the crocodile encounters the are also some excellent reefs and wrecks to dive on in the area.

Lion fish ceviche is delicious and claimed to be more healthy than most other kinds of fish. It id high in Omega 3 and low in mercury.






The process, from the spear to fillet to cervice.



Then there are the Nurse Sharks that just don’t want to go away, kept on following us like a hungry puppy.


Clear, warm (29 degrees C) water and beautiful sunrise and sunsets.


Great wrecks to dive on …..


and the large Iguanas on the islands, especially around the research station.

So, we had a great time there. Thanks to the excellent organisation of XTC and Yucatan Dive Trek. This should be on your bucket list.



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