Truk Lagoon (4) – “Kiyosumi Maru”


The  Kiyosumi Maru is a 137m, 8,614 ton passenger-cargo ship and it lies on it’s port side in Chook lagoon.


The shallowest part is the starboard side at 14m and the deepest at 30m.

It is an easy “user friendly” wreck to dive on.


In the very interesting engine room  we came across large engine cylinders.

There were many interesting artifacts such as teapots, guns, torpedo launchers, spare propeller blades and even bicycles.



There is good marine growth all over the outside of the ship with the resulting colourful fish life, all over.

This ship also came to it’s end in “Operation Hailstorm” in WW2, when the Americans bombed Truk Lagoon.

A was a very nice wreck to dive on.



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